Graphext is looking for a Customer Success Analyst

Graphext - - is an advanced analytics solution to help businesses make better decisions based on data. We capture their data, enrich it and provide a powerful visual interface to find actionable insights about their customers, market and products.

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This is position is for our office in Madrid.

The Role

Bridge the gap between sales and engineering, working to ensure client success. You’ll be the technical product reference, helping clients make the best out of our platform and answering technical questions.

You’re constantly thinking of ways our product can provide more value for clients. You'll drive the continuous improvement process by relaying and documenting clients' suggestions and concerns across the team. You’ll work collaboratively to build exceptional customer support for our customers by monitoring short term and long term metrics.

You will:

- Work with customers from demo to implementation, ensuring expectations are set appropriately and that customers have a great experience.
- Complete technical implementation for customers. This includes project management, training, and support.
- Field support inquiries from customers.
- Document and build processes to help the customer success team scale.

Your have:

- Skills and curiosity to use an advanced analytics tool. Maybe you have a CS background or you might have studied Business Administration or Economics but have experience or big interest about BI. Courseras, code schools or bootcamps are a big plus too.
- Passion and drive to make early customers successful.
- Strong ability to handle a lot of moving pieces.
- Strong ability to think quickly on your feet and problem solve independently
- A process-oriented mindset


- You love spreadsheets and know some tricks with Excel that most people don't
- You have used Tableau, Qlik, Trifacta, Power BI...
- You have used RStudio o Python notebooks.
- Experience in QA and/or Automated testing.

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We currently have our office in (5 minutes from Atocha Train Station in Madrid, Spain)

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